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Bloodshot Victory is a four piece original band currently located in Traverse City, Michigan.

After earning corporate and local sponsors, this up-and-coming band has gained lots of acclaim, such as The Number One Unsigned Band in Michigan in the Blues, Jazz, and Rock categories on

Brian Vanderwall - Bass/Vocals

Zeke - Vocals/Guitar

Steve - Drums

Rob - Guitar/Vocals


"Just Another Day"

Track Listing:

1. Backporch Blues

2. Jimi Hyawatha

3. Just Another Day

4. Coonrato

5. Alcohol Brings You Closer


7. Seven

8. Confused Hate

9. Girl in the Shower

10. Listen to Omelette and Finster

11. Sam Graham

12. You and Me Girl

13. Ode to Crissy

14. I Might

15. Watch Out!

16. Traverse Brewing Co.

17. Start Another Page

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Bloodshot Victory CD - Elk Rapids
191 Traverse Street
Elk Rapids, MI 49629
Phone: (231) 709-0036

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